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Clarifying The Differences Between CBD Oils And CBD Vape Juice

Ever since CBD based products burst out in the market, they have been surrounded by misconceptions and doubts. One of the most basic doubts is that people don’t understand the differences between CBD oils and CBD vape juice. These are nearly same in terms of production as the basic element is CBD in both of them but the usage method is a lot different.

The following is a summarized explanation for both of these CBD products:

CBD oils

CBD oils and CBD tinctures are generally interchangeable terms that are used to describe the same thing. These are generally taken orally by keeping the recommended dosage under your tongue or however your physician advice you.

They are manufactured keeping in mind that the consumption is supposed to be oral. They are made by steeping hemp leaves and flowers. The resulting compound is then submerged into a grain alcohol container. This whole mixture is then set on a low heat setting until the steeped leaves and flowers start releasing their active compounds that have the medical benefits. The resulting compound is diluted and ready to use CBD oil.

There is another way of extracting the oil called the CO2 extraction, which produces the concentrated form of oil which is later diluted by manufacturers so that it can be easily digested.

How it works is an interesting question. When you orally take this oil, it goes into your stomach and uses Intestinal Lymphatic Drug Delivery. This means that the medicinal elements go into your digestive system from where it is distributed to the rest of the body.

CBD Vape Juice

With the advancements in CBD vape devices, vaping CBD has become a healthy trend. CBD oils are too concentrated to be vaped. This is why manufacturers such as have a special process to customize it in a way that it can be vaped. Under this, a thinning solution is added to the CBD oil to decrease its concentration so that it can be easily vaped. This thinning agent is responsible for the thick clouds of vapor that people smoke out while vaping.

Vape juices made out of CBD provide all the benefits offered by CBD oils. One of the biggest benefits apart from medicinal properties is the fact that CBD e-liquids come in a variety of flavors to choose from which makes it somewhat more enjoyable.

Vaping CBD is advised by a lot of experts as it acts faster than oral consumptions. The vapor you inhale while vaping will directly transfer the CBD into your bloodstream as you breathe.


The following are some observations that may help you in avoiding confusions.

  • CBD oil and tinctures are generally interchangeable terms that describe a CBD based product that is meant to be taken orally.
  • CBD vape juices are less syrupy than CBD oils, which makes them easier to use. They are also proven to facilitate faster and more efficient absorption of medicinal compounds.
  • You will find the term ‘CBD oil’ commonly, this is a wide term used to describe CBD tinctures or even vape juices that have CBD as their base material.

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