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Importance of Vape Juice in Vaping

Cigarette smoking is something that most people can never resist especially when they are depressed and stressed from their office and business tasks. However, some people are aware of the possible dangers that traditional tobacco cigarettes can do their body and might lead to cancer in the lungs which they probably don’t want to happen. People tend to find a better solution to stop their craving for more nicotine and prevent the possible risks of lung cancer. One of the most talked about ways to quit smoking is Vaping.


Vaping is known as an effective anti-smoking remedy that can bring other options to a cigarette smoker and benefit the advantages towards their daily life. While the vaping is there in the market from long, there are still things to consider before picking the right product.


Vaping is used mostly by those who wants to move away from conventional cigarettes. To vape, you have many options like disposable vapes, Jull pods or you can buy mod pod kits with refillable cartridges which is most common for long term home uses. The prime component in this is Vape Juice; they come in varying nicotine level and flavors.


It is very important, when choosing the nicotine strength and flavor for vape juice, to get one that is similar to the real cigarette that you use.  This will make for a smooth transition to the vaping and guarantee continued success in using it.  If you choose a nicotine level too high, you could experience some light-headedness due to too much nicotine.  Choose a level too low and it will not satisfy your nicotine craving.  Choose a flavor not similar and you may not enjoy the taste.


Let’s talk about the nicotine strength of the e-liquid; choosing a nicotine level is based on the type of cigarette you smoke, not on the quantity.  You may smoke 3 packs a day of an ultra-light cigarette but that does not mean you go with a Super High nicotine level.  The following shows the equivalent nicotine levels of regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes:


Eliquid Nicotine Strength Guide


When starting with vape, choose the same nicotine level as your regular cigarette.  Once you have transitioned to vaping, then slowly start to use lower levels of nicotine until you reach 0 mg of nicotine.  At this point you can keep using the vaping device or only use it when you get the urge.


Choosing a flavor is simple with pre-filled cartridges and I would always recommend you get Vape Juice from ELiquid Depot for quality product.  They have 50+ flavors listed in the website It is very convenient, for example, if you are a menthol smoker, choose the Minty Menthol Chill flavor.  If you are any other type, choose the Gentleman – A smooth and sweet ry4 tobacco flavor.


After you have made the transition to e-cigarettes, you may want to try some other flavors of E-liquid, special fusion of different fruits. Some of the most trending flavors are Creamy Vanilla Custard, Fruity circles cereal with milk, Sweet glazed donut, Caramel butterscotch, Sugar frosted cereal flakes with fruity crunch berries, Tart pomegranate and berries, Strawberry cheesecake, Kiwi strawberry yogurt, Glazed cinnamon rolls, Strawberry Banana Cream, A smooth strawberries and cream, and Blueberry cheesecake crumble. These E-liquids have a nice mild flavor and give a good variety to your regular flavor.


Though not recommended, but some prefer to make your own e liquid. All you need is water, flavoring, propylene glycol, liquid nicotine and other additives. You can make your e-juice without nicotine as well. However, if making nicotine-based liquid one should be aware of the dangers involved in handling this toxic substance.


Vape juice is essential to the experience of smoking. Therefore, if you wish to make the most of your vaping experience, purchasing refilled e liquid from ELiquid Depot will help you to make the most of it.

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